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Comic Books

Cayo and Patch: The Piso Crystal

Publisher, Dragonberry Comics

This all-ages narrated read-aloud comic allows you to share the thrilling comic book experience with children learning to read, as well as with pre-readers. Cayo, a talented T-Rex space pilot, and his sidekick, a robot fox named Patch, face the perils of space on their first official mission together. Will asteroids, space bandits, and anomalies prevent them from reaching the moons of Elindor in time to assist Princess Taffy?

Children's Books

Dip and Reedy: The Kalimba

Publisher, Snowdo Press

Set in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains of South Carolina, this heartwarming picture book follows siblings Dip and Reedy, who cherish healthy breakfasts, Bible devotions, and the beauty of nature. Reedy enjoys playing disc golf, while Dip delights in cooking, baking, and playing her kalimba. Together, they embody a tale of faith, forgiveness, and the simple pleasures of life in a serene setting.

Froggy Hopkins

Publisher, Snowdo Press

Explore the enchanting world of Froggy Hopkins in this beautifully illustrated picture book, where you'll join Froggy and his lovable family and friends on their whimsical adventures. Each page is a vivid window into their playful escapades, filled with charming characters and heartwarming stories that celebrate friendship, family, and the joy of discovery. Perfect for bedtime stories or quiet afternoons, this book is a treasure trove of delightful tales that will captivate and inspire young imaginations.

Froggy Hopkins: Coloring Storybook + Activities

Publisher, Snowdo Press

Dive into the whimsical world of Froggy Hopkins with this interactive coloring book, where you'll follow the lively adventures of Froggy and his delightful family and friends. Packed with vibrant scenes to color, the book also includes exciting bonus activities and cheerful songs that complement Froggy's fun-filled escapades. It's a perfect blend of creativity, learning, and musical enjoyment for young minds eager to explore and express themselves.

Just One More Game

Author, Martha Hamlett, Publisher, AuthorHouse

Just One More Game is about a young boy who is so obsessed with playing video games that he does not want to go outside to play or even eat dinner. His parents, sister, and friends all get upset with him, but he is determined to beat the Black Knight and win a spot in the Video Game Hall of Fame. He is cheered on by a wonderful cast of characters such as the family pets.

Bats in the Air, Bats in My Hair

Author, Martha Hamlett, Publisher, AuthorHouse

Bats in the Air, Bats in My Hair is a fun, energetic book about Sally's overnight adventure at her Grandmother's house. She is awakened in the middle of the night by some very creative and comic BATS. In turn, she and her Grandmother have to be creative in getting them out of the house. It is written in rhyme so that it can appeal to kids from Kindergarten to 3rd grade. It is a great book for parents to read to their children and a fun, easy read for beginners.

Calvin the Monkey

Publisher, Davey Morgan

Calvin, a friendly and playful monkey finds his life upended when evil squirrels attack his home, prompting his parents to send him away for safety. His journey takes an unexpected turn, leading him to the Cat Kingdom, where he is rescued by royal cat guards and finds himself entangled in a larger conflict.

Middle Grade Books

Ferndale Forest

Publisher, Brecon Publishing

Step into the enchanting world of Medieval Wales through this anthology of captivating tales in a middle-grade novel. Travel from Southern Wales to far-reaching realms, where knights, dragons, and unicorns lead you on thrilling quests across lush landscapes. Immerse yourself in the legends that have shaped Wales' rich cultural heritage, where honor, courage, and wonder breathe life into stories that transcend the boundaries between reality and fantasy.

Coloring Books

Rex's Friends

Publisher, Davey Morgan

Embark on a colorful adventure with Rex and his enchanting circle of friends! This coloring book is a gateway to a magical world inhabited by mystical unicorns, charming birds, mighty dragons, friendly forest creatures, and an alluring mermaid. Each page invites young artists to bring to life vibrant scenes of camaraderie and fantasy, offering a delightful exploration of creativity and imagination.

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